These Community Outreach program/activities lookforward to empower vulnerable communities in the far most rural areas in the country. During these activities, we offer educative programs, donate basic life materials to the people for example; mattresses,blankets, clothes and shoes as a way to encourage and support this cause at large.

Training & Skills Development:

We offer small scale business training before we give money for any I.G.A(income generating activity) to the beneficially.


We support vulnerable households with seeds and pesticides for them to have enough food.

Capital for Income Generating Activities.

We provide income generating projects to the vulnerable households. This reduces on the dependence syndrome where a woman work to meet their family immediate needs.


After forming groups, women are trained and encouranged to save. We give them savings books where they meet after 2 weeks and report to their group leaders.


90% of the diseases affecting the children and the people living in Rural and urban slums are related to poor sanitation. As a ministry we also focus on improving the hygiene of the households.

Most of the people in the communities we opperate in are living in poor conditions.

The project through the groups promote households level nutrition and hygiene through establishment of model homes and encourage open deification free (ODF) communities. In addition,households are trained on establishment and management of kitchen gardens to ensure availability of supplementation throughout the year. These translate into improved household nutrition and better health especially among children.


Gift of Caring Ministry has been able to support the needy and orphaned Children by paying school fees and giving the scholastic materials

60% of the children in this school are Orphans and Needy. We have supported some children with books and school fees.

Our Strength

Our biggest strength is the Human resource that is willing to work voluntarily to the needy communities.