Zambia Emerging Farmers Partnership

Gift of Caring Ministryis working to assist ten thousand emerging farmers across Zambia with support to increase their productivity, incomes, and sustainable farming practices under a new project spearheaded by the Corteva Agriscience, and John Deere.

The objective of the Zambia Emerging Farmers Partnership is to transform Zambia’s largely subsistence sector through the commercialization of emerging farmers.  The three-year project will leverage more than K777 million (US$37 million) in loans for inputs and equipment, resulting in more than 50,000 hectares of crops planted using climate-adaptive seeds and other sustainable technologies.

PCI, a Gift of Caring MinistryPartner’s Work in Zambia

PCI began operations in Zambia in 1996 and quickly established a strong reputation for integrated, community-based programming focused on strengthening local capacity. Through a community-led and client-centered approach, PCI works with community-based organizations, faith based organizations, and the local government to cohesively and sustainably respond to the health and socioeconomic needs of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), vulnerable children, adolescents, caregivers, and households. PCI strengthens community and primary health systems so that communities are prepared to prevent and respond to HIV and related health issues, co-morbidities and pandemics as they emerge, such as COVID-19. Over the years, PCI has integrated nutrition, maternal, neonatal and child health (MNCH), tuberculosis (TB), cervical cancer screening, and family planning interventions into its HIV/AIDS programs. Additionally, through women’s empowerment and livelihood programs, PCI is mobilizing communities to be resilient to shocks and socioeconomic vulnerabilities, while also raising awareness about harmful gender and cultural norms.